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Info and Permissions

Name:"Halloween" Jack
Canon: Diamond Dogs (Bowie album)/'Unified Bowieverse'
PB: Diamond Dogs era David Bowie.

Appearance: 5'11". Bright, bright red hair, thick and usually unwashed. with a texture much like fine, dirty fur. His left eye is green, with a cat-slit pupil. His right eye is missing, and the sewn-up socket is always covered with a patch. His nails are thick and long, filed to sharp points and usually covered with chipped paint in bright colours. He usually wears bright, dramatic clothing that plays up a roguish 'character.'

Voice: Bowie, baby. If I can find a good interview link, I'll throw it up here.

Abilities: First aid. Guerrilla warfare. Demolitions. Melee combat (bare-handed and with knives). Improvised weaponry. Booby traps. Evading capture. Desert survival. Small-scale agriculture. Herbalism (Martian flora only). Anarchist political theory. Parkour in heels.

Biology: All superficial resemblances aside, Jack is not human. He is a member of a race that we've just thrown up our hands and decided to call 'Martian,' even though Mars isn't their home planet. (Some info on that planet and its history can be found here.) Martians are a single-gendered race, with masculinity and femininity on a sliding scale based on hormone levels, which may shift in response to environment or other factors. Even the most masculine Martian may become a mother, even the most feminine Martian may become a father. Sex is often used as a power display or a show of dominance.

The planet has a lower gravity than Earth, and so on Earth or Earth-like settings, they are weaker than the average human, and prone to motion sickness at high speeds.

Certain Martians, the 'wild eyed' or sordannh, are imbued with gifts of prophecy and empathetic reception and transmission. They are very rare, and have a reputation for being weak-willed, promiscuous, and because of their empathetic abilities and the influence they can have over people (especially over crowds), rather dangerous. Wild-eyed are identifiable by the pupil of one eye being fully dilated at all times.

Backtagging: Yes! I can be a little flaky sometimes,. so if I drop and you want to keep going, just give me a poke.
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: He won't believe you, but I don't mind.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): It would be difficult to offend me.


Hugging this character: He'll be put off and try to withdraw, unless you've at least talked to him first, or it's a particularly celebratory situation. If you're past 'hello,' though, sure!
Kissing this character: See above.
Flirting with this character: Oh, babe, yes.
Touching this character's eyepatch: Not unless he trusts you and you ask first, or you really want a fight.
Fighting with this character: Sure. He'll give as good as he gets, though.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Let's talk about it for anything serious. He's already down an eye, you know?
Killing this character: Let's talk.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Writing mindscapes is one of my favourite things. :)

Warnings: Obviously, Jack is not human. If you're weirded out by mildly alien biology and sorta-MPREG, let me know and we'll keep it from coming up.

(Modified from the IC/OOC Permissions meme. Thanks!)