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Halloween Jack ([personal profile] ghosttownapproach) wrote2013-07-20 02:30 am

Future Legend

The planet wasn't Mars. But it was close enough for Ziggy to call it that, and it's close enough for us.

It was beautiful, once. Lush jungles and crystal rivers. But the sun turned on them. And as resources dwindled, the people turned on each other. They scorched the planet's surface, driving all survivors underground. A computer was created, an artificial intelligence that they hoped would lead them, guide them through those hard times, back to prosperity. Prayer. But the computer went mad. It tormented those who had given it power, and was poised to stand by and watch as they all died slowly. (That was when Ziggy left, fleeing to Earth in hopes of bringing others of his kind, later on. But his rise and fall is another story, altogether.)

And then Prayer fell. Only one person knew exactly how, and he wasn't telling. In the vacuum the mad computer left, a young man rose to power. Thin and sharp and deadly as a razor. He called himself the Duke. And Prayer may have been mad, but the thin, white Duke was a monster.

Another young man, elsewhere, rose to another kind of power. Born into a group that had rebelled against Prayer, he gave himself the name Halloween Jack. And gathering his allies, the remaining rebels and anarchists, Jack turned his sights on the Duke. And the Duke turned his sights on Jack. And what remained of the planet that wasn't Mars laid trapped between them.

((Jack is from the David Bowie album "Diamond Dogs." His world incorporates the majority of Bowie's early discography into a "Unified Bowieverse." This concept and a great deal of Jack's backstory thanks to the fantastic [personal profile] doktornix.))