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On Martian Sexual Politics [WIP]

So the thing about Martian sexuality is, they're single-gendered, of course, and very androgynous. But they still have a gender spectrum, of a sort, and discrimination. There's a strong focus on dominance and submission, and preference of position, top or bottom. The Martian body, hormonally and, after a time, physically, adapts to reflect the individual's preferred position. So if you like being on the top, you get more muscular, more aggressive, less likely to conceive if you are on the bottom. If you like being on the bottom, you get rounder, start putting on weight on the hips, and you're more likely to conceive, because your body is interpreting that you're in a position in the tribe where you should be knocked up, and you're trying for it.

There's a general sort of prejudice against bottoms, especially in the city, that's reminiscent of mid-seventies sexism. They're not subhuman, but they're more emotional, unreliable for some jobs, should really just stay at home... you get the idea.

In addition... During Prayer's time, there were strict population controls in place, birth control drugs in the water, selected breeding pairs, illegal children taken away for re-education, all that sort of thing.

The Duke, once Prayer fell, kept mandatory birth control and population control measures in place, though not quite as draconian. (For obvious reasons, since we're talking about a world with such restricted resources.) So there isn't. A lot. Of knowledge about pregnancy, and the pregnant. And there's a lot of discrimination and shaming there, too. It's scary and they look gross and they're taking food from our mouths with their kits, and if they weren't such stupid irresponsible bottoms, it wouldn't have happened.

There's also a mutation that very rarely occurs, that produces a Martian with special powers, called a sordannh, or wild-eyed. These guys have the gift of prophecy, and empathetic reception and projection -- they can feel what you feel, and make you feel what they feel. They are incredibly rare, even moreso now. (Prayer made a concerted effort to round up every wild-eyed it could, for reasons that the general public assumes was 'killing them all.')

There are still a few around, popping up in the gene pool. They're seen as unpredictable, unreliable, dangerously powerful in their way... all the emotional flaws of bottoms, but tenfold. And also, because of their powers, very little more than sex objects. (It's not rape if they want it because you want it, right?)
The signifier of a wild-eyed is mismatched pupils -- one always blown wide. Ziggy Stardust was, obviously, one. There's rumours that the Duke, the current dictator, is one, but he only ever communicated through heavily edited video and radio transmissions, so it's just rumour. (Actually, he just sustained a concussion during the raid on the camp that he and his brothers were born in, when they were are separated.)

The pregnant -- and by some, all sordannh -- are referred to by a slur that translates roughly into English. The word and its variations carries connotations of weakness, promiscuity, and lack of self-control. "She."